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DcZar – Join the Blue Wave and Dress for Democracy

American democracy is in jeopardy. This level of threat hasn’t been faced since 1865. If you are a US citizen who values justice, fairness, and safety for all, it is your moral duty to stand tall against tyranny.

It’s time to show the world what you believe in. Join millions across the country who are fighting alongside the Blue Wave. Our line of high-end political streetwear is designed to get our message where it needs to be.

There is no space in today’s climate to be passive. Protecting that which is most precious demands that we take action. What happened on January the 6th must never be forgotten.

They have their MAGA hats. We have something better – the DcZar line.

Spread the message for democracy today. And in case you’ve forgotten, get vaxxed, vote blue, and be sure to thank Brandon every single day!


Let’s go, Darwin!